August 31, 2011

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[News] Absolute Darling – Long Stay ends, Ku Hye Sun bids farewell with tears

Praises Robot Boyfriend Jiro, but prefers imperfect boyfriend in reality
Pack-up for returning to Korea, luggage is filled with pineapple cake & beef jerky

Absolute Darling, idol drama of FTV & GTV, finished filming. Korean actress Ku Hye Sun also finished her 4-months of long stay in Taiwan. On the wrap-up party, actors including Penny Xie, Cherry Xia, Shiou, etc. presented her a giant farewell card, which made Ku Kye Sun, who always wears a smile, moved to tears and cried with her translator. Ku Hye Sun expressed about crying, “I was embarrassed!” Cherry Xia said, “heard from the Korean staff that Ku Hye Sun is not a girl who cry in front of others easily” During the 4 months of filming, Ku Hye Sun has developed friendships with the actors & crews, she feels missing them before she left. She promised to go back to Taiwan for promotion of the drama.
In Absolute Darling, there were lots of nude scenes of Jiro. Regarding this, Ku Hye Sun said, “We know that Jiro should have been exercising regularly. He would also exercise right before filming.” Being a professional actress, she didn’t feel embarrassed when filming, Ku Hye Sun said, “I think Jiro is very confident about his body figure.” When asked about the most impressive scene, Ku Hye Sun said, “That would be the appearance scene of Night. Since this is the first time to film this kind of storyline, I didn’t know how I should react, thus this scene becomes the most impressive one.” Jiro was absent from the wrap-up party since he had other schedule in Hong Kong on that day. Ku Hye Sun said, “We have talked about this before, and we promised to meet again during the promotion of the drama.”
Penny Xie & Shiou also praised Jiro about his body figure. Penny said that he saw Jiro’s nude scene since he filmed for the first time. “At the end I called him ‘nude star’” He thinks Jiro has good figure and it’s benefit for audiences who can see that in the drama. Shiou expressed that he haven’t seen the nude scene of Jiro yet, “But even he’s with his clothes on, I can see that he has well-toned, sculptured body figure, which is the type that I admire.”
Ku Hye Sun has a perfect robot boyfriend in the drama, in reality she said, “I have dreamt about my perfect lover. But I believe a man with a bit of flaws would be more charming.” When talked about the type of man she admires, Ku Hye Sun said, “thoughtful and yet not too complicated. Someone who can give me space to work, and most importantly, should not be too perfect.”
Penny Xie & Ku Hye Sun were friends since childhood in the drama, and had lots of scenes working together. When asked how they communicated with language barrier, Penny said “we always can’t communicate, but then I found my body language was quite good. She knows what I mean with just a gesture.” He raised an example of a scene at swimming pool. Since Ku Hye Sun ad filmed for a day wearing goggles, the muscles around her eyes were concave. Thus I pointed around my eyes, cameraman immediately showed her the monitor. Then she knew that she has to be aware of that. The right meaning can be conveyed even without language.”
Before going back to Korea, Ku Hye Sun bought a lot of Taiwanese native products for her family & friends, “I have bought pineapple cake, beef jerky” Staff highly recommended Kaoliang rice wine, Ku Hye Sun said, “Dad loves to drink, so I will buy that as well.” Most disappointed was that her favorite Bubble Tea could not be brought to Korea, “I should be missing Bubble Tea since I could not drink that when I’m back in Korea.”
Source: GTV
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[News] SBS’s new drama, “The Musical”, holds its introductory press conference

SBS’s upcoming drama “The Musical” held a press conference at the Heritz Convention Center in Seoul on the afternoon of August 30th. It was attended by main actors Daniel Choi, Goo Hye Sun, Gi Eun Se, and Park Gi Ong, as well as staff from the production executive board.
Producer Nam Sang Moon expressed, “The reason why ‘The Musical’ was chosen to be produced was because of its originality. Not only is it the first drama to have a plot centered around musicals, but it also involves a love line between five people, rather than the conventional three or four.”
SBS has been dominating the prime time TV drama slots for all days of the week except Friday. These dramas include Monday-Tuesdays‘ “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, Wednesday-Thursdays’ “Protect The Boss“, and the weekend’s “Scent of a Woman”.
With the addition of “The Musical” (to be broadcast every Friday), SBS could potentially dominate all seven days of drama prime time TV slots. “Since SBS already dominates all TV drama slots except for Friday, SBS will take over Friday’s prime time slot with this drama,” said Nam Sang Moon.
“The Musical” tells the story about the passion and determination of musical actors as they prepare for their stage, and the love lines that bloom in between. Characters in the drama include a medical student named Go Eun Bi (Goo Hye Sun) who dreams of becoming a musical actor; a former Broadway actor and now the best musical composer, Jay Hong (Daniel Choi); Eugene (Park Gi Ong), a cold-blooded investor who knows nothing but money; and Park Kang Hee (Ok Ju Hyun), the ‘Queen’ of the musical industry.
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate
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Ku Hye Sun confesses that she has a terrible stage fright
On the 30th, actress Ku Hye Sun participated in the production conference of The Musical, and said, “I sang all the songs myself on the stage.”
Ku Hye Sun also said, “I have a terrible stage fright, though, so I drank wild berry wine with my director’s approval. I have no problem saying my lines loudly, but I can’t help shivering like a child when I am in front of the camera. I certainly need to overcome my fear. I usually drink some wine before I go up on stage, just to relax.”
In The Musical, Ku Hye Sun played the role of Go Eun Bi, who is an enthusiastic student studying medicine but aspires to act in musicals.
Other cast members in The Musical include Choi Daniel, Ock Joo Hyun, Park Kyung Lim, Park Ki Woong, and Ki Eun Se. The Musical will air on SBS TV on September 2 at 9:55 p.m.
Source: TVreport

[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 110830 The Musical Production Press Conference

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