June 30, 2011

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[News] SBS’s ‘City Hunter’ achieves #1 in viewer ratings

SBS’s mini-series, ‘City Hunter‘, is finally taking the lead now that some of its strongest competitors have been taken out of its time slot.
According to a report by AGB Nielsen Media on June 30th, the 11th episode of ‘City Hunter’ recorded 18.4% in viewer ratings, the highest its ever seen since it’s debut.
Despite the strong story line, ‘City Hunter’ had previously maintained its position in second place due to the popularity of MBC’s ‘The Greatest Love‘. Now that the drama came to an end on June 23rd, ‘City Hunter’ is quickly on the rise to take its place.
In the same time slot, KBS’s ‘Romance Town‘ and MBC’s ‘Heartstrings‘ each recorded 11.% and 7.6% in viewer ratings respectively.
Source: Star News via Nate
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