December 17, 2011

[Photo & Fancam] 111217 Lee Min Ho in Shanghai

[Video] Ku Hye Sun for NYLON TV Korea

Welcome To The Dollhouse 9 month old golden retriever Gamja made my studio his house for several hours. He moved about energetically waving his tail causing wind. But, when it was time to pose, he showed off his gallant and imposing self. The rest of the children also did their parts quietly and well. GHS’s children. This productive family outing was from beginning to end consistently bright and cheerful. Except for the part where it was a bit crazy… fetured music 라이너스의 담요(Linus’s Blanket) – Don’t Call It Puppy Love music sponsored by Happy Robot Records
Translation: KHS greets by saying hello to Nylon TV viewers. 1. What are you doing these days? I am working and preparing for the new SBS miniseries which will start airing on Jan 4th. It is called “Please Captain” .Also, I am getting my full length film ready for Feb or March. 2. You seem to be doing various things. It is hard to say I am doing many things. But I am still studying. I will continue to study. I think I tend to learn by doing. I learn by myself as well as by looking at books and drawings and by talking with other people and sharing each other’s ideas. 3. What do you want to communicate with your work? I used to do things at the spur of the moment and sudden feelings. But these days, I want to do my work hoping that it can be meaningful to others as well. The biggest subjest for my work tends to be LOVE. Like today’s CF, I am working with dogs here today to express feelings about them. If the CF can emote impressions in other, that would be good. 4. How many dogs do you have? There are 7 of them. There names are Jjang-ah; Ggongchi, Soondae, Mandoo, Bhap, Ghamja, DdnagKong. (I thought there were 9~~two must have been cats—I have a feeling her family object or the dogs did not get along wth them?? ke) 5. They are all names of food?? Yes, someone told me that if I name my dogs after food, they will live a long life. She basically said that when she sees the dog and she falls in love with it at first sight, she usually brings them home. She just could not leave them behind. 6. Isn’t it hard to take care of all the dogs? My parenst take care of the small ones and I take care of the big GhamJa. (So, she does not live with her parents???) Everyone has managers. haha Did you see that?? When someone yelled at Ggongchi to pose properly, she listened immediately and so well!! Wow KHS trained her pups really well!!! KHS says farewell with she will continue to work hard and to be careful of cold and to be happy. Translation cheerkoo @ soompi

[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Ad Image for Semir

[News] Koo Hye-seon “Acting with married people, I want to get married, too”

Actress Koo Hye-seon announced that she wants to get married although she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. On SBS TV’s “TV News At Night”, Koo Hye-seon spoke about how it feels to be flying in the sky in a plane while acting out a character who dreams of being a pilot in the drama “Take Care of Us, Captain“. She said “We took a scene in the sky in a light aircraft. I felt reborn when I was flying. We spent about 2 hours in the sky and I felt the bravery of life”. When she was asked how she felt about seeing those who were married, she said, “I am jealous. I think they’re awesome”. She is currently acting with Ji Jin-hee, Lee Cheon-hee, Yoo Seon and other married actors and actresses. She honestly spoke out, “There are many here who are married and I want to get married too. But I don’t have a boyfriend”. Meanwhile, “Take Care of Us, Captain” is about a girl who dreams about becoming a pilot and will be air in January next year. Source : Translation:

[Photo] 111214 Ku Hye Sun on the set of “Please Captain”

111214 Night of TV Entertainment – “Please Captain” Casts Interview

JJH is supposedly playful person on the set—while doing the poster filming, he started to take pix of the people around him. He likes to tell people what to do. When KHS was doing her poster shots, he would be commenting that she is not wearing her hat properly as it is too above her head. He says it has to be a bit pushed down. It is hard to tell if JJH is joking or being serious as he is poker-faced when he says things. keke At the start of the interview, the interviewer tells the stars to eat and noticed that JJH had 2 drinks in front of him. JJH was poker faced and said that he hardly ate due to the poster filming. When the reporter says that JJH looks as if he lost weight, JJH says that he did. When the interviewer asks JJH if he is working out and he says he consistently does do that too. But then KHS chimes in to say that JJH was photographed before for eating. then JJH smiles. They show JJH eating a lot…keke…I am telling you JJH is a joker with a poker face. After JJH introduced his character as the legendary pilot (keke), the interviewer comments that JJH has lots of luck for having very young female partners. JJH becomes poker faced and says he did not know that. The interviewer says that he and KHS are over 10 years in age difference and JJH says “really”? KHS says I did not know and laughed. JJH says to KHS, it looks strange if you say that laughing. KHS says that JJH is so young looking that she thought they would be just few years apart. Then she looked at his profile and said, “Ahh, woo..” JJH says, what, what!! They are 13 years apart. Yoo Sun says that many people commented that she really looks like her character–crew member. Lee ChunHee is a air traffic controller but not part of the airline but part of the government. He is up at the tower a lot and has not come down from there yet in the filming. He was asked how he felt about working in PCAP. He talked about feeling good that he will work with JJH. He has seen JJH in historical drama. He liked it. He was not JJH’s fan but…(laughter) Commentators are saying they are honest and the atmostphere is turning sour….Lee ChunHee says that it feels strange to say he is a fan but he has always admired JJH and felt that JJH really fits the role of captain/pilot. The interviewer asks what he consideres JJH’s charm as an actor. But Lee could not think of anything…but hmmmmm—–on the screen are words, Lee never thought about that question…then,Lee finally says JJH’s voice. Yoo Sun was asked about working with KHS. She says she feels envious because KHS is so pretty, so cute and so young. She says that KHS is positive and very polite. She finds KHS to be a good person and she feels that KHS gives the same impression that she gives off in the media. Yoo sun also says that KHS is a director so she feels that she has to relate well with KHS. (laughter) Reporter asks for KHS one word to describe JJH…she says he has an “honest” image, In terms of Yoo Sun, KHS was stuttering the phrase, “like a mother. (KHS was stuttering because she knew that Yoo may not like it.) Yoo yells, “what are you saying!” Asked about practicing for the pilot role. JJH says that he actually had a chance to fly the plane, The real pilot in Australia asked him to try flying and he did. He says that real plane is easier than the simulator. He says that simulator is actually more sensitive. KHS also says that she actually had the chance to fly the plane as well. She says being up in the air made her feel courageous for life. (laughter) Lee and Yoo married this year. Interveiwer asks about what changed after marrigae. Lee says that he gets to eat breakfast everyday. Interviewer says that he is married but he does not get breakfast. JJH says that he also gets fed well as a married man. He gets to eat all three meals, Interviewer says your wife may not like that. KHS cracked up. JJH says that actually he feels burdened because his wife wants to do that for him and he feels he has to eat everything even though he has to watch his weight. Interviewer asks KHS about working with married people. She says she is very very envious of them and thinks that they are grand. Time for them to talk their mind in front of camera: Lee says that many people think that he is a “thief” because he married someone so very young. But he says he is not a thief but that he married because he really loves his wife. Yoo says that usually directors cast her for strong woman or a woman with a secret but she would love to do romantic comedy and some CF’s. KHS says…”married man…(they cut some parts that she said)” Then, JJH says to KHS, “What are you saying” and looks like he is about to throw something at KHS…(keke–they look like they get along.) KHS says that she is working with married people and she also wants to get married. Then she comes back to camera to say that she does not have a boyfriend. She waves her hands wildly to say that she does not have one. (There is an article that says that KHS’s vehement denial that she does not have a bf makes many suspect that she may have one…keke) JJH says that he feels that he can really do a good action acting, (lots of laugher from the rest of the PCAP members, Yoo Sun laughed out aloud and KHS silently laughed.) JJH says that he can hang from a big cliff. He just feels confident that he can really do well in action movies. Interviewer asks why they laughed so much at JJH–Yoo says JJH looks like he can really do well in action acting…but KHS says that JJH gets cold easily. Everybody crracks up and JJH tells KHS that he can film such a movie in the summer. But everybody laughs…(it seems like they can tease each other well and seems to be really in sync with each other…Good Omen!!!) They are asked what their schedule is afterwards… Yoo says she feels as if JJH-oppa will buy something tasty for them all….JJH says while eating that they they should stop eating…. Translation: cheerkoo @ soompi

Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo on 14/12/2011

Translation (based on Chinese) I have arrived in Shanghai ^^Happy Camp!! Very thankful to all the crew who helped me to finish recording the program smoothly… especially thanks to all the fans who have come to see me… really grateful!! Good night Translation: meow/

[News] Lee Min Ho to appear on Chinese ‘new year special’ program

Actor Lee Min Ho will appear on the Chinese program, “Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young” (Happy Camp 快樂大本營), for a ‘new year special’ program. Lee’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said that Chinese Honam satellite broadcasting (Hunan TV 湖南衛視) will air a 90 minute long special program exclusively about Lee. This is quite a surprise, considering that the program normally casts three guests for the standard 60 minute long episodes. Lee bought lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl in Korea and gave it to the MC for the show with a new year greeting card. He also gave each audience member a traditional Korean wicker scoop, which is known for bringing good luck. According to a Chinese media outlet, over 1,500 fans came to see Lee and they watched the show while sitting on the floor. Thousands of fans also gathered outside of the building. Usually the shooting is free but for Lee’s program, there were illegal tickets, which cost 30 thousand won to a million won. The producer for the show posted a note on his Weibo account, “Thank you everyone, including the entire crew, audience and today’s star. I had a great show thanks to Lee. I met a handsome man, from any angle, for the first time. Who else is going to make the staff scream for joy, other than Lee?” The show is very popular, and has hundreds of millions viewers. Source: TV Report Translation: Photo Source:

[Photo] 111214 Lee Min Ho departs to Shanghai

[News] Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee star in a new SBS aviation drama ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’

On December 13, leading actors for the new SBS drama ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘, Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee, spoke about why they decided to partake in the drama. Goo Hye Sun replied, “Around July August I was filming a drama ‘He Never’ in Taiwan, when the director gave me the synopsis and script for ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’. I thought the script was a lot of fun. The director told me that he wanted to cast me, but he personally came all the way to Taiwan. The director had a lot of enthusiasm for the drama”. Ji Jin Hee added, “I also decided to do this drama after seeing how enthusiastic the director was”.
The drama’s CP, Kim Young Sup, also revealed a surprising cost about their aviation set. “We brought parts from overseas and created an airplane set ourselves. The cockpit cabin and the air flight control tower alone, cost about 8 million won (roughly $7000)”. You can catch Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee in ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’ when it airs it’s first episode on January 4, 2012. Source + Image: Osen via Chosun and SportsChosun Translation: Allkpop

[Photo] News Photos of Lee Min Ho @ Happy Camp (Part 2)