May 31, 2011

[Video] 110531 Lee Min Ho – City Hunter media visit at the set

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[Photo] Lee Min Ho – Pics on 110531 City Hunter press event from Official Website


[Photo] 110531 Media visit to the set of “City Hunter”

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[Photo] Lee Min Ho – City Hunter Stills (31/05/2011)


110530 Lee Min Ho’s Message on SBS City Hunter Homepage

I’m Lee Min Ho who plays the character of Lee Yoon Sung in City Hunter ^^
Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your great concern and support for City Hunter.
I’m very glad to be able to greet you like this.
As for me, recently, after speaking to dad through the video i’m finding out about the 5 person group, whilst working in the Blue House, I also film at the judo place(?? not quite sure of this part)..
I’m finding strength while diligently eating ramyun and drinking the coffee that has turned cold (?) from Nana. ^^
Right now, I’m preparing for City Hunter’s filming.
I came to prepare for the project.
on the 25th, I came waiting for the first day of broadcast.
the first two episodes have broadcasted right? Did all of you watch it during the first broadcast?
City Hunter Team!!! who longs to bring happiness to the viewers. We’re burning with enthusiasm.
Even though this is the situation of many projects, i hope that viewers will be able to empathize with the drama and that the drama will be able to bring joy to you all.
City Hunter that has started!
From now onwards, i hope to draw closer to you all through the hidden stories of my character (??).
please look forward to more interesting development, and please also anticipate the Lee Yoon Sung I’m playing!
The weather is quite hot. Please eat well and have strength!
I wish you happiness always ^^
Source : SBS
Translation by webby @ soompi

May 30, 2011

[Photo] 110530 Ku Hye Sun – Absolute Darling BTS pic

夏如芝微博:筱菲(具惠善) & 美佳 @絕對達令
Translation: Cherry Hsai’s Weibo: Xiao Fei (Ku Hye Sun) & Mei Jia @ Absolute Darling
updated on May 30 16:47
Credit 夏如芝微博

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