May 17, 2011

[Photo] Ku Hye Sun & Jiro Wang – Absolute Darling still shots revealed

Below is some additional information from the news, for details, please refer to previous post.
Jiro was embarrassed filming intimate scene with Ku Hye Sun
The nude scene of the robot appearance in Absolute Darling was filmed few days ago. Jiro Wang has worked out hard for the scene. He has to lean against Ku Hye Sun in that scene, which made him feel embarrassed. He explained that he was worried that he would hurt KHS since he’s very heavy. Thus he lifted himself up and pretend to be leaning on KHS.
Jiro also taught Ku Hye Sun Chinese including ‘very cold’, ‘very hot’, etc. They communicated with weather as the topic.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Sing Tao

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