July 26, 2011

[News] Ku Hye Sun is in a Taiwanese drama ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ (‘Absolute Darling’)

Ku Hye Sun is well know for an all-round player. She is an actress, movie director, and an artist.
Now she is shooting a new drama in Taiwan.
Ku Hye Sun uploaded a picture of her when she was shooting the drama in Taiwan. She is talented in variety fields.
Ku Hye Sun was a director of the movie Magic in 2010. And another movie with top star Cho Seung Woo and Nam Sang Mi in, will be released this year.
Ku Hye Sun also had an exhibition last year with her works of art so she is in charge of art for her movie.
At first, people thought she just likes to challenge to variety things, but now they have changed their mind. People started to recognize her as a talented person.
However, Ku Hye Sun is still an actress. She is bright young lady and popular. Ku Hye Sun puts her lovely pictures on her Twitter account often. She also leaves comments on it.
She was a lead actress in dram Boys over Flowers in 2009, and her another drama called The Musical will be aired this year.
Ku Hye Sun is also in a Taiwanese drama called Absolute Boyfriend (‘Absolute Darling’) as a lead actress. Like in China and in Japan, Korean Wave is washing over Taiwan, especially in drama field.
If her Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend (‘Absolute Darling’) is successful, Ku Hye Sun will be actively engaged in various fields.
Source: ENS & korea.com

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