June 15, 2012

[FA] Classmate Ku Hye Sun is a very nice person

本来以为今天没有啥可以发的了,但是贴心善良美丽的具同学下课的时候给同学们带来了清凉的礼物,在这个沉闷的初夏。 Thought that I’d have got nothing to post today, but the nice & beautiful Ku Hye Sun sent all classmates a cool gift after class on this dull early Summer.

不晓得大家能看清楚大家手里拿着的冰棍吗?大家都很开心的吃着。在大家的一片感谢声中,具同学继续害羞的啃着她的雪糕,呵呵~~可爱 图片最左边穿灰色帽衫的那个是妞妞,我不说大家也能看出来的吧,嘿嘿,深色系控,我没有一次看到她穿得粉嫩嫩呢~~ Don’t know if everyone could see clearly the Popsicles in our hands? All of us enjoyed that. Everyone expressed their thankfulness, while classmate Ku continue to eat her Popsicle shyly, haha~~ cute. The one who dressed in Grey hoodie on the left of the pic was Ku. You all can see her even I didn’t mention, right?! haha, in dark tone, I have never seen her dressed in pastel tone~~ Source: 克克兔 @ baidu (posted on May 31) Translation: meow @ loveghs.wordpress.com

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