June 02, 2012

[News] Ku Hye Sun kicked Jiro out of bed when filming bed scene for Absolute Boyfriend

Summary of the news: Ku Hye Sun & Jiro Wang filmed the bed scene for Absolute Boyfriend. Originally it was Jiro pushing Ku Hye Sun in the bed, but Jiro was kicked out of bed by powerful Ku. Jiro and all staff were shocked by this unexpected act. In this bed scene, the script was that Jiro forced Ku Hye Sun in the bed and Ku has to struggle. Nonetheless, Ku was too involved and kicked Jiro out of bed accidentally. Jiro was shocked and asked if Ku has practiced TaeKwonDo. Ku Hye Sun was embarrassed and kept laughing. Jiro was alerted whenever Ku moved her legs after that incident.
In another scene which KunDa saved Ku Hye Sun from the cave. He has to sleep on the wet soil with many insects around. KunDa said, “though it seems I was asleep, actually I was scared that the insects would crawl over me.” And since the cave is not spacious, he had to curl up his body like doing yoga. Source: nownews translated by meow / loveghs.wordpress.com

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