June 23, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho transforms into an action star

Lee Min Ho emerges as an action star through his upcoming SBS Drama ‘Faith.’ The upcoming drama ‘Faith’ is set to air this August, and will replace the time slot after the drama ‘The Chaser’ ends. The plot for ‘Faith’ is about a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty falling in love with a present time female doctor. Throughout this drama, Lee Min Ho will be playing the king’s personal escort known as General Choi Young. Lee Min Ho received high praise for his acting in SBS ‘City Hunter.’ He also added his own twist into some of his action moves which includes the ‘spoon action,’ ‘water bottle action,’ and ‘hat action.’ We can expect to see him shine once again through ‘Faith.’ A representative for the drama ‘Faith’ said, “Lee Min Ho showed off some very difficult action moves in ‘City Hunter’ which is why he desires to show more,” and, “He also shares his own ideas and suggestions which makes the shooting become more enthusiastic.” Also, “The action from ‘Faith’ will have a different feel from ‘City Hunter.’ Because it [Faith] is a fusion historical drama, you will see a lot more swordsmanship.” Lee Min Ho will be portraying as Choi Young, a general known to be innocent yet clumsy, in which the viewers will see a different kind of charm. Some of the scenes from ‘Faith’ will have CG (Computer Graphics) in which they’ve hired more than 10 people to finish the work. Also, the action team from ‘City Hunter’ will collaborate again with Lee Min Ho for ‘Faith’ in order to come up with more colorful action scenes. This fusion romantic comedy drama will include politics and martial arts, and is also another collaboration work with Scriptwriter Song Ji Na and Director Kim Jong Hak. Also, it will be Kim Hee Sun’s comeback after 6 years which raises even more expectation. Although the plot sounds similar to the currently airing drama ‘Dr. Jin,’ the production team’s representative stated, “The only thing that’s in common is the time traveling part but other than that, it will be a whole new different drama.” Original Source: Sports Chosun Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (www.leeminhoworld.com)

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