June 08, 2012

TEDxCAU – Ku Hye Sun – Inspiration derived from People & Love

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Translation (Cre cheerkoo @ soompi)
Hello. This is Ku Hye Sun. Good to meet you all. While busily working on various activites like directing and writing, I have also been thinking a great deal. I thought a lot about why I do them and whether I do them for me. I realized that I have been living largely for others and have always been aware of what other people may think of me/expect of me. So, I asked myself, what is doing something for oneself and whether I truly and really love myself.
Then, my thoughts started to change. Also, this conference’s theme of “Inspiration” gave me yet another chance to reflect. My life and my inspiration may be felt by looking at ??shamwon? Chamwon? (sorry). And it can be also felt through many everyday experiences. However, for me, the most important thing in my life is “person/people”. Person/people whom I love. I feel that I live because of the people I love. And that I do things for myself because of the people I love. So, I came to conclusion that all the inspiration derives from and comes from people. Even my reason for standing here today is because I want to try to love someone. By meeting all of you, by talking about these things with you, I want to get to know people and try to love them.
I failed a great deal and I feel it is because I tried many things. So, I will continue to fail and intend to fail more. When I started to think that way, some of my fears disappeared. I felt that taking challenges and going through the process are done for my sake and not for anybody else. Having goals are important in order to be happy and because I love myself. And so why should I be afraid? Why should I be too conscious of other people’s judgment? Thinking that way also changed a great deal of my value system. However, honestly, I still have lots of fears.
Person like me can do things and become capable of doing them. Whether good or bad, we can do them. I am nobody special and such a non-special person became and is becoming somebody who can try and do anything. I am a process. That is why I feel that all of you can do it too.

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