September 01, 2012

[News] Actress Goo Hye Sun: “I Wanted to Tell Everyone Something”

Goo Hye Sun revealed that the reason she modeled for the magazine ‘Ladies Joongang’ was because she wanted to tell everyone something. ‘Ladies Joongang’ chose Goo Hye Sun as the first person for the “Big Smile Project” that is to start from September. Goo Hye Sun usually doesn’t take part in photo shoots due to her shyness but she participated in this project. Goo Hye Sun revealed, “Acting, producing, music, art, through the many things that I do I wanted to send people a positive message.” She continued, “When ‘Ladies Joongang’ revealed that ‘Big Smile Project’ wanted to comfort people, I agreed to do it right away. I wanted to give people a good influence.” “Big Smile Project” is a campaign that gives the encouragement to change your life around my smiling. Source:

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