September 14, 2012

[News] Ku Hye Sun dyes her hair blond

Actor and film director Ku Hye Sun recently dyed her hair blond. On September 12, Ku uploaded two pictures of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “I dyed my hair. Don’t I look just like Potato?” In the pictures, Ku is staring at the camera in a friendly pose with her pet named Potato. She’s attracting a lot of attention with her blond hair because she has always had black hair. People responded: “I love your blond hair.” “Your hair color really matches that of Potato.” Ku has directed five films so far. The Peach Tree, which attracted a lot of attention by starring actor Jo Seung Woo, was invited to the 16th Busan International Film Festival, which was held last year. Source: Starnews Credit:

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