September 01, 2012

[News] Gu Hye Sun’s ‘My Perfect Darling’ Pushed Back on Japan Broadcasts

The Taiwanese drama My Perfect Darling, starring Gu Hye Sun, won’t be airing in Japan anytime soon.Sponichi Annex reported on August 31, ‘The private broadcasting company BS Fuji announced on August 30 that it has decided to postpone the airing of the Taiwanese drama My Perfect Darling, which was to start airing from September 13.”

BS Fuji stated that the drama was being pushed back for time slot issues, but some have pointed out that it may be because of the statements Gu Hye Sun made regarding Dokdo in the past. In 2008, at an interview for a Korean media outlet, Gu Hye Sun said, “It’s common sense that Dokdo is our property. I don’t know what the Japanese government is trying to imply.” Many Japanese politicians have offered ‘hallyu boycotts’ in the face of strife between Korea and Japan regarding the ownership of Dokdo. Broadcasts and officials have been throwing caution to the winds, while lawmakers have even said that they should place measures which make it impossible for hallyu stars to get visas into Japan. Two dramas starring Song Il Kook have even been postponed after he participated in a ‘Swim to Dokdo’ campaign. BS Nihon TV and BS Japan originally planned to air Song Il Kook’s A Man Called God and Detectives in Trouble from August 21, but once the news broke that Song Il Kook had participated in the Dokdo event, the channels announced, ‘We considered the possibility that we may be criticized by our viewers. We will be replacing the dramas with other Korean dramas that don’t star Song Il Kook,’ and postponed the airing of the dramas. Japanese netizens who learned that My Perfect Darling had also been similarly pushed back said, ‘At first I thought, why postpone a Taiwanese drama? Now, I know that Fuji has realized what the nation thinks’, ‘Those who want to watch dramas should leave for Shin-Ōkubo [and its Hallyu Street]’ and ‘They should only let those hallyu stars who have passed the Dokdo statements appear on broadcasts.’ Others, however, have said, ‘Stop thinking of politics and entertainment as the same thing’ and ‘Schedule a new date for the drama now.’ Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter, Yahoo Japan Source: enewsworld

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