September 14, 2012

[News] Ku Hye Sun donates all profits from her solo exhibition to leukaemia patients

Actress Ku Hye Sun recently announced that she will donate all profits from her solo exhibition to leukaemia patients. Opening her solo exhibition at the Gallery Seven of the Hangaram Art Museum of the Seoul Arts Center from September 18 to 24, Ku is planning to donate all profits from the sales of her catalogs and works of art to leukaemia patients. Participating in a fund-raising campaign to cure a four-year-old leukaemia patient, who came to Korea from Mongolia to cure his disease, Ku is planning to provide money to run sterile cars for low-income leukaemia patients. Some sterile cars were donated to leukaemia patients, but they couldn’t ride them because there wasn’t enough money to run them. At this, Ku said she would provide money for it. Ku says, “I wish the sterile cars can take leukaemia patients to everywhere, giving them hope.” Opening her first solo exhibition, Tango, in 2009 along with the publication of her first novel Tango, she opens her second solo exhibition, Afterimage, this year. Ku will present 120 pieces of art work at this exhibition. Source: Starnews Credit:

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