July 21, 2012

[News] Goo Hye Sun reveals her report card showing straight A’s in all her subjects

Multi Talented actress and director Goo Hye Sun shares to her fans the fruit of her hard work and diligence. On the 14th of July, she updated her twitter and shared, “this are my grades for my 7 majors this semester” and shared a photo of her grades. On her report card you can see all A’s, with 6 “A+” and one “A” which is impressive. No doubt Goo Hye Sun will graduate with honors if she keeps this up until she graduates. Not only is she talented but she is also smart and has a beautiful personality. Netizens commented, “She has everything”, “She’s so proud, she deserves it”, “She must have been studying so hard, she earned it”. Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is studying at Sungkyunkwan University under the Department of Arts and Imaging. Source: Nate Written by: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net Credit: dkpopnews ——————- Goo Hye Sun Reveals Report Card With Impressive Grades Recently, actress Goo Hye Sun revealed her most recent report card through her Twitter. On July 14, Goo tweeted, “I was actually number one in school” and attached a photo of her report card. With a GPA of 4.44, Goo Hye Sun was number one of 52 students in her department. She received A+’s in all but one of seven classes, including Drawing 1, Intro to Animation, and Video Editing Workshop 1. Netizens who came upon the report card commented, “Her face is pretty, and she’s smart, too..”, “What is she not good at? The world is unfair,” “How proud she must have been of herself to reveal her own report card,” and more. Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun matriculated into Sung Kyun Kwan University as an Arts Major last year. In the past, Goo Hye Sun has also received a warm reception from the public when she was seen taking public transportation to school. Source: soompi

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