July 29, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho Tries to Fight the Heat and Loses 5 kg in the Process

With the summer in full effect in Korea, Lee Min Ho and the other actors for SBS Faith are struggling to fight off the sweltering heat as they film for the upcoming drama. As Lee Min Ho and a few of the other actors are playing warriors, they are unfortunately forced to bundle themselves up in suited armors and other costumes that aren′t appropriate for the summer.

One staff member in charge of costumes remarked that sometimes the actors send a glare of resentment towards their way. It’s been so hot that Lee Min Ho has lost approximately 5 kg (~11 pounds) in three days. Also during an interview with SBS’ One Night of Entertainment on July 25, Lee Min Ho started taking off his suit, saying that it’s only break time, but his patience to withstand the heat hit a limit. The actor then continued onto say, “I’m jealous of the people who are coming to Danyang (the location of the filming) for vacation. They can dip their feet in the cold stream and go rafting…” Meanwhile, Faith is a time-traveling story between a Goryeo Dynasty warrior and a modern day plastic surgeon. The first episode will premiere on August 13 on SBS. Photo Credit: SBS Source: enewsworld

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