July 21, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho Stays Loyal to His Commercial Brands

Lee Min Ho showed his loyalty as a CF model. The actor is currently readying himself for a comeback with the SBS drama Faith, to air on August, and in the process he signed another exclusive contract with the formal suit brand Trugen, marking four years of modeling for the brand. A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency said on July 17, “Ever since he first signed with Trugen in 2009, he’s renewed his contracts every time they expire, and this year is his fourth year in a contract with the brand.”

The reason Lee Min Ho’s loyalty shines more is because most actors sign for more than one brand in similar areas at one time or only stay with the brand for the duration of one contract. Showbiz has always been an area that has to put up with many changes and the rapid comings and goings of short-lived stars, but Lee Min Ho has stood firmly in his spot, never forgetting how Trugen signed with him when he was still a rookie. Trugen was a brand known for its star-studded model line, including such lineups as Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun and Zo In Sung. When Lee Min Ho became a rising star with his role in Boys Over Flowers, however, Trugen believed in his potential and made the brave decision to invest in him. Although Lee Min Ho was big with Boys Over Flowers, it was still a big chance to take because he was still a rookie. As Lee Min Ho continued to star in the dramas Personal Taste and City Hunter, Trugen continued to support the dramas with the brand’s items and even customized hundreds of pieces of clothing for the dramas. The brand had to put together clothes for Lee Min Ho piece by piece because his legs and arms were so much longer than the average man. It then put an exclusive team in charge to help Lee Min Ho shoot his commercials more comfortably, and the team has continued to work with the star for four years. Lee Min Ho knows the effort Trugen has been putting into him, and as if to repay it for its investments, continued to participate actively in such events for the brand as fansignings or sharing events. He also didn’t hesitate to stay up nights for the brand’s commercial or photo shoots, and even participated in the main office’s business strategy meetings. Thanks to his model-like fit and long body, his styles on dramas led to an interest in the brand and an increase in sales. A rep from Trugen said, “Now Lee Min Ho has found a stable place for himself as a leading role actor and so he’s been receiving offers from other companies, but he never forgot about the friendship we shared since he was a rookie. We learned that sincerity is more important than money.” Lee Min Ho is also known for his diligence and modesty, and has also stayed with the agency he was signed with ever since he was a rookie. Source: enewsworld

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