July 29, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho shows off his swordsmanship on Faith

Actor Lee Min Ho has become a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty and showed off his swordsmanship. On July 25, a production company of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith released some snapshots of Lee dressed as Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty. In the series, Lee will show off his swordsmanship to portray a leader of king’s bodyguards. In the behind-the-scenes video uploaded on the official website of Faith, Lee freely wields a sword. It shows he has prepared a lot for this series. Lee says, “I’m trying to wield a sword as freely as possible as if it’s part of my body. I want to give you a strong image of Choi Young. Because I showed various action scenes on City Hunter, I feel like I have to show something more than that, so I’m constantly practicing.” Yang Gil Young, a martial arts director of Faith, says, “In spite of the hot weather, Lee Min Ho is practicing very hard. Because we once worked together for City Hunter, he often gives me his ideas. I think our teamwork is better than before. In this series, actions scenes are not only limited to the ones for a historical drama series. By adding modern ones, we’ll create new types of actions scenes that haven’t been seen before.” Faith is a fantasy action melodrama about Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty who is interested in neither money nor women, and Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a lively doctor of the modern world. The series will start airing on August 13. Source: Starnews Credit: korea.com —————— “Faith” Lee Min-ho’s sword fighting skill Lee Min-ho was seen using his sword in a preview of the new SBS drama “Faith”. Having shown high levels of action in the previous drama “City Hunter“, this time, Lee Min-ho is about to display some serious sword fighting. He’s very adept in handling the sword as seen in the making of the drama. Lee Min-ho said, “I’m trying to make it look like the sword is a part of me. I want to show you what’s only Choi Yeong’s. I plan on showing you what I didn’t show you before”. Martial arts director Yang Gil-yeong says, “Lee Min-ho is working hard despite the hot weather. He speaks out his mind as we worked once together on “City Hunter“. We work great as a team. Action is not limited in his historical but is grafted into the drama”. Meanwhile, action mellow drama “Faith” stars Lee Min-ho as ancient warrior Choi Yeong who has no feelings for life, money or women and Kim Hee-seon stars as doctor Yoo Eun-soo from the modern world and the two make a true king. To be aired for the first time on the 13th of August. Source : newsen Credit: Hancinema

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