July 21, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho Messes with Time in BTS Stills of ‘Faith’

New photos of Lee Min Ho in SBS’ upcoming drama, Faith have gotten fans excited and confused. The recently released photos show Lee Min Ho wearing an old warrior’s uniform of the Goryeo dynasty, but holding up a plastic police shield of modern times. Fans are curious to how the shield ended up in the Goryeo dynasty and are highly anticipating the drama’s premiere.

Despite working in a thick suit in hot and humid weather, Lee Min Ho was all smiles, making the staff praise his professionalism. They said, “It’s natural to feel exhausted while filming in hot weather, but because Lee Min Ho doesn’t show his fatigue, we’ve been filming in high spirits.” Faith is about the love story between a Goryeo dynasty warrior (Lee Min Ho) and a modern day plastic surgeon (Kim Hee Sun), who somehow meet through a strange twist in time. The drama is set to air on July 13 after The Chaser concludes. Photo Credit: Faith Culture Industry Specialty Company Source: enewsworld

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