August 18, 2012

[Fancam] 120814 Ku Hye Sun @ JIMFF Open Talk

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi
First clip of JIMFF open talk with GHS: (I will summarize as I hear.)  It appears that the open talk occurred before the screening of the PT. I hope we hear lots of feedback about PT later. The MC was saying something about creativity adding to our society…
An audience member asked GHS to say something about YOSOOL as it must have meant a lot to her.  
GHS: I wanted to tell a story  that had no answers. It was a risk, and acventure. (I thnk “risk/adventure” is what she said.) But for Peach Tree, I want to give a sense of warmth.
MC says that at times it is good to watch movies that give no answers. GHS laughs.
The second audience member points out that there are lots of children in the audience and he feels that GHS’s movie could be difficult for them as he listened to the talk. He wants GHS to say something for the sake of the children to help them watch the movie with more interest.
GHS: mmmmm well, first of all, it is a family story. The movie starts with children as well. Rather than being a difficult movie, it is a family story. (Then GHS says something while laughing and the sound becomes muffled for me to translate. Then, I think it is the mc who helps her out.)
mc: The story starts out as a fairy tale and it feels like one is falling into a fairy tale. Most likely vey young children will have difficulties with understanding most movies. (GHS agrees) Later, they will remember fondly the memory of seeing GHS’s movie in this type of a setting. (Again GHS says something while laughing and the sound is muffled.)
The mc is having a hard time with time as the talk must end at 7:50 and the screening starts at 8pm.
The next audience is a woman who is starting her question about GHS being multi-talented and the clip ends.

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