August 18, 2012

[News] Movieweek – About Peach Tree

Peach Tree Director Ku Hye Sun | Starring Jo Seung Woo, Nam Sang Mi, Ryu Deuk Hwan To actress Ku Hye Sun, the title of a movie director seems much more fitting. Her movies like YoSool and Fragment Of Sweet Memories reveal artistic expression and philosophical meaning. Director Ku’s Peach Tree once again creates a buzz. According to Director Ku Hye Sum, “Peach Tree is a story of Siamese twins and it is about duplicity of self. The twins, SangHyun (JSW role) and DongHyun (RDH role) live while being treated as monsters by those around them. One day, Park SeungAh (NSM role) appears before the twins and their lives face a big change.” “Peach Tree was created from a premise of, what if a person has a face in the front and also a face in the back; what kind of life would that person have?” Peach Tree may be under the category of Fantasy, but it deals with duplicity of identity, and societal judgment and prejudice. In the movie, Jo Seung Woo plays a timid and calm personality while Ryu Deuk Hwan plays a character who gradually becomes strange/crazy and crooked, The title of the movie, Peach Tree symbolizes brotherly love, a tree that is suppose to block off evil/monsters. Peach Tree is also the movie’s background and appears often. It is both dream-like and symbolic. Point. Director Ku Hye Sun’s Fragment of Sweet Memories really showed off her meaningful creativity. Source: movieweek Translation: cheerkoo @ soompi

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