August 18, 2012

Lee Min Ho updates on SNS on 13/08/2012

翻译】各位~再过一会儿新剧神医(信义)就要首播了~今天在工作人员们的照顾下,我好像可以第一次看自己剧的第一集直播诶。ㅎㅎ 虽然不能和大家一起实时观看,但希望这部剧可以给大家带来欢乐,这是我们神医剧组众志成城拍摄出的作品,请期待~^^Fighting! (翻译:sodarain) Cre 李敏鎬家族 (Chi-Eng Translation) Hi everyone~ New drama “The Great Doctor” (The Faith) will air its first episode soon~ Today with the considerable help from the staff, it seems that I can watch the first episode of my drama live for the first time. Though I can’t watch it together with you, I hope this drama would bring you joy. This is the project that our team has been working hard on. Please anticipate~ ^^ Fighting!

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