August 03, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho Competes in the Olympics?

Lee Min Ho’s fans showed their love for their star by putting together an Olympic parody to help promote Faith. The image, which was uploaded on Faith’s official webpage, makes it seem as if Lee Min Ho will be competing in almost every event.

The image shows Lee Min Ho competing in 12 events, including soccer, swimming, athletics, boxing, shooting, equestrian and archery. He was even shown as an athlete for fencing in Goryeo-style warrior attire, just as he will be appearing in Faith. An official from Lee Min Ho’s agency said, “The photos that were used for the image aren’t even edits, but actual pictures or screencaps of Lee Min Ho. The image showing him kicking a soccer ball with his firm leg muscles, reminiscent of soccer player Ki Sung Yueng, is a scene from Boys over Flowers, and the other images are also from his pieces City Hunter or Mackerel Run.” Although he swims, runs, shoots and rides as if he was a real athlete, it seems he didn’t do well in canoeing because he ‘couldn’t hold back his bad temper as Boys over Flowers’ Gu Jun Pyo. Fans couldn’t hide their amusement with comments such as, ‘I’m surprised Lee Min Ho was in so many events’ and ‘I thought he said he said he would see gold as stone; what’s with the gold medal?’ Lee Min Ho’s real ‘Olympics’ start on the day after the London Olympics end, August 13. The actor aims to make his fourth success out of his first ever period piece Faith. Lee Min Ho said, “I’m proud of our athletes in the London Olympics as a Korean. I also will work hard to win the gold medal in viewership ratings as an actor.” Photo credit: Starhaus Source: enewsworld

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