August 18, 2012

[News] JIMFF – Ku Hye Sun recommends the song, “Falling Slowly”

JIMFF2012 | “One Summer Night: Acoustic Night” Marketa Irglova

“One Summer Night” is a musical program/concept at JIMFF. The 4th One Summer Night’s main attraction is Marketa Irglova. She will meet the national audience for the first time during the “acoustic night” segment. She starred in the movie ONCE which was loved all over the world and it is also JIMFF’s best piece. It is truly a wise choice that Marketa Irglova’s singing voice will gently flow above the lake. Ku Hye Sun is also a fan of ONCE. Before listening to the song that Ku Hye Sun recommends from the movie, let us talk about the movie ONCE itself.
Ku Hye Sun recommends the song, “Falling Slowly”.
Ku Hye Sun: “Of course I really love ONCE. I love the movie and its music. To create such a beautiful movie with a low budget and ends up being loved all over the world is, I believe, the dream of all movie directors. It is also my ‘romang’`(==romance? dream?). Romang (laughter) I especially love the song, Falling Slowly sung together by Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard. There is something about the song that seemed Korean. The chords are also truly very simple. Before watching the movie, I tried to play the song on the piano. There are not even 5 different chords! It is a song of simple chords and simple melody and I realized that a musical masterpiece can come out of such simplicity. I initially thought it amazing that movies along with their music are becoming more and more showy and complicated. However, I now think that it is harder to simplify things. Because I was learning manydifferent things, I also tried to apply this and that, but I am trying now to simplify more and more. I believe that the song ‘Falling Slowly’ is the end result of such a process.”
Translation Credit: cheerkoo @ soompi
Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

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