August 24, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho shows his manly side to Kim Hee Sun on Faith

Lee Min Ho is expected to appeal to female viewers with his manly look. In the next episode of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith, Lee will show his manly side to Kim Hee Sun. The snapshots recently released are from one of the scenes in the third episode of the series, which will air on August 20. Lee is staring at Kim with an angry look, holding her shoulders tightly, and Kim is staring at Lee with tears in her eyes. Viewers are curious about the reason Lee is angry at Kim because he has treated her with the utmost courtesy. People responded: “The handsome general is so manly! I feel like my heart will get burned by the gaze.” “I’m so excited about the scene of Kim Hee Sun getting overwhelmed by Lee Min Ho.” “Did such a romantic touch exist in the Goryeo Dynasty? It’s so nice!” “Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun are both good-looking even in that situation.” In the second episode, which aired on August 14, Lee loses his consciousness. Viewers are curious about how Kim will perform laparotomy in the next episode. The third episode of the series will air on August 20 at 9:55 p.m. Source: Sports Korea Credit:

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