May 14, 2012

[News] Actress Goo Hye Sun drinks beer while studying hard for school

Actress Goo Hye Sun, who was admitted into Sung Kyun Kwan University last year, is studying diligently as a college student. On the morning of May 12th, the actress tweeted, “This is owl Goo Hye Sun. There is so much homework this week… It’s the most difficult period…. I’ve already drank a cup of beer. Fighting…!!!” Although, Goo Hye Sun is a super star in Asia, she seems eager to accomplish her studies as well. Fans admired the determination she was showing towards her school life, as well as feeling motivated by her tweet. However, drinking beer while studying might not work for everyone! Fans encouraged the actress by leaving her messages like, “Haha, Goo Hye Sun is an average college student, just like us“, “So nice to see you working hard in your studies“, and “Good luck!” In related news, Goo Hye Sun surprised viewers recently by taking the subway to take her school exam on KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘. Source + Photos: Goo Hye Sun’s Twitter Credit: Allkpop ——————- Gu Hye Sun Takes a Self-Picture While A Little Tipsy Gu Hye Sun has tweeted a ‘beer’ self-picture. On May 12, the actress tweeted, “It’s owl Gu Hye Sun, This week I have a lot of homework. It’s a crisis. I already had a beer. Fighting.” The picture showed Gu Hye Sun with her trademark short bob in a white shirt smiling brightly for the camera.
Netizens commented on the photo saying, “Even after a beer she looks so pretty”, “Gu Hye Sun is getting prettier” and “Fighting!” Photo credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter Credit: enewsworld

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