May 26, 2012

[News] Romantic kiss scene in water Jiro’s hiccup made Ku Hye Sun laugh

[United Daily News / reporter Yan Xinyu] Absolute Boyfriend will show the kiss scene of Jiro & Ku Hyesun this week. The two actually spent more than 3 hours in the water to finish filming the kiss scene. Jiro was choked by water that cause him hiccup, Hyesun cannot help laughing and got NG. Last week, Night the robot played by Jiro was reset by Cherry’s (Meijai’s) kiss. This made a lot of netizen feel unacceptable. This week, in order to win Night’s heart back, Xiaofei (by Ku Hyesun) will challenge to learn swimming but nearly got drowned. Though Night was unfaithful, when he sensed/ detected that Xiaofei was in danger, he jumped into the water to save her. Photo source: GTV Source: UDN Translated by meow @

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