May 19, 2012

[Photo + FA] 120517 Ku Hye Sun @ College

今天教授请来了位美国远到而来的客人给我们搞特讲,全英文演说,教授问能听懂70%的请举手,居然有一大半娃娃举起了爪爪…汗颜,我觉得英文我跟它一辈子 都熟不了了,具同学也木有举手…敢情她和我一样觉得这个课的漫长…妞最近可能行程很满,中间休息时间直接趴下呢,好像她家土豆,呵呵,一小点真可 爱*^o^* Today, professor invited a guest speaker from the US to host our class. The speech was completely in English. Professor asked the students who could understand 70% to raise up their hands. There were over half of the students raised their hands up… sweating. I feel that I could never be familiar with English for this life. Ku also didn’t raise her hand… emotionally I thought she would think the same as me that the class was too long… Ku might have very tight schedule recently, she lied down on the desk directly during the break, just like her Gamja. haha, she is really cute. *^o^* Source: 克克兔 @ baidu Translation by meow

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