May 14, 2012

[News] Goo Hye Sun on best friend Seo Hyun Jin, “She’s like my text book”

Actress Goo Hye Sun spoke about her special relationship with best friend and fellow actress Seo Hyun Jin. Goo Hye Sun stated on the May 11th episode of KBS ‘Star Life Theater’, “Hyun Jin has basically raised me”, and she revealed how important her friend is to her. The two had met 6 years ago and instantly became best of friends. Goo Hye Sun continued, “If you open Seo Hyun Jin’s notebook you see writings like, ‘I can restart again today. Forget about yesterday’, she’s a friend who’s like a textbook. She told me things like that every day”, and she explained how grateful she felt. On the other hand Seo Hyun Jin had this to say about Goo Hye Sun, “If you have her as a friend then you don’t need other friends. You can talk to her about everything. Talking to her naturally becomes a counsel and with her I can talk about things that I can’t even talk about with my own mother. If not for Hye Sun I’m sure I would have had few experiences that could have been life threatening. Talking to each other was a healing of sort.” Image: KBS ‘Star Life Theater’ Source: My Daily via Nate Credit: kpopfever

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