May 14, 2012

[News] The popular Taiwanese celebrity Wang Dong Cheng highly praises Ku Hye Sun

Actress Ku Hye Sun realized how popular she is in Taiwan. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater that aired on May 8, Ku visited Taiwan. Ku visited Taiwan to promote the new Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. A large number of Taiwanese people swarmed over to the event hall to see Ku, and Ku modestly said, “They might be fans of Wang Dong Cheng’s.” Wang Dong Cheng is a Taiwanese actor, singer who worked with Ku in the drama series. About Ku, he said, “She’s a really talented actress. She’s even a director, an artist, and a writer. I feel so great that I could work with such an actress.” About her popularity, Ku said, “I realized that KBS 2TV’s drama series Boys Over Flowers was really popular in foreign countries. I guess I could be cast in this drama because of the Korean Wave.” Ku also said, “I chose this drama series because I thought I could learn something from it.” On her way back home from the event, Ku complained of having a pain in her feet. She said, “I don’t like wearing high heels, so it was really hard to be on my feet during the event. I like tennis shoes the best.” Source: TV Report Cre:

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