May 14, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho’s Fans Set Up Congratulatory Video Screens for Debut Anniversary

If you walked around in Seoul on May 10, there’s a chance you may have seen congratulatory video messages for actor Lee Min Ho made by fans. On May 10, Lee Min Ho’s official fan club, MINOZ, created and set up special screens showing videos that congratulated Lee Min Ho for his sixth year anniversary since making his debut. Playing at 20 seconds, the video contained Lee Min Ho′s various appearances from television and from print including, Secret Campus, Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and more. The video also contained messages from fans such as, “Actor Lee Min Ho who was given to us by the heavens, we cheer on your magnificent soaring” and “The MINOZ from all over the world congratulate you on your sixth year anniversary.”

The screens were set up in two places in Myeongdong, one at the Migliore performance stage and one near exit 6 of Myeongdong station, and another screen in the Nonhyeongdong intersection. The video began playing at six in the morning on May 11, and played 100 times throughout the day until midnight. Messages from fans in over thirty different countries were included in the video messages including Peru, Turkey, Russia, Iran, India and more. Regarding his anniversary Lee Min Ho wrote on his Facebook, “It’s a happy month of May since it’s with all of you! Everyone thank you. I’ll return to you through the new drama Faith. Photo credit: MINOZ Source: enewworld ——————— Lee Min Ho’s fans hold a surprise event in celebration of the 6th anniversary of Lee’s debut
Lee Min Ho’s fans recently held a surprise event in celebration of the 6th anniversary of Lee’s debut. The fans created a video and showed it on electronic displays in central parts of Seoul. On May 11, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee’s agency, reported, “Lee Min Ho’s fan club Minoz created a video in celebration of the sixth anniversary of Lee’s debut. It’s now showing in three different central parts in Seoul.” Lee’s fans reserved the electronic displays from 6:00 a.m. on May 10 to midnight on May 11. The video will be shown a hundred times a day. It costs a lot to show a video on an electronic display, but fans from thirty different countries, such as Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, and India, saved money to create and show the video.
The video shows scenes of Lee from Secret Campus of 2006, Boys Over Flowers, Personal Preference, and City Hunter. The fans of Lee have held such an electronic display event since 2009. After seeing the event, Lee said thank you to his fans on his Facebook account. Source: Starnews Credit:

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