May 14, 2012

[News] Ku Hye Sun says, “My boss Yang Hyun Suk advised me to act”

Ku Hye Sun said she started acting because of Yang Hyun Suk. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater that aired on May 10, Ku said, “I was going to be a singer at first. I was introduced to Yang Hyun Suk and he asked me to sing. So I did.” Ku said, “He thought for a while and asked me if I wanted to become an actress. After I decided to become an actress, I didn’t have much time to think whether or not it was difficult because I just had to go forward.” Source: TV Report Credit: ——————– Koo Hye-seon talks about YG’s perspective
Koo Hye-seon said she was able to become an actress thanks to Yang Hyeon-seok. On the KBS 2TV “Star Theater” on the 10th of May, she said, “I changed by path from a singer to an actress thanks to Yang Hyeon-seok”. She said, “I was actually training to be a singer. Then I met Yang Hyeon-seok. He asked me to sing so I did and after a while he asked if I was interested in being an actress”. She added, “When I finally set my goal to become an actress, I didn’t have the leisure to think of anything difficult. I just had to move forward”. Source : Credit: hancinema

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