May 14, 2012

[Photo + FA] Ku Hye Sun presenting her work in class

可爱的具妞就像其它同学一样轮流着在大家面前做发表…作为导演演员现在舞台上是个什么状态没有见过,作为学生的具妞做发表的时候也会有点小紧张,稍微发抖的声音很可爱,谦虚的听着大家的意见,就像20岁大学生的样子,很亲切 Translation: Just like other classmates, the cutie Ku takes turn to present her work to others in class… being a director & an actress, she must have experienced all kinds of situation on stage; but being a student, Ku was still a bit nervous when doing presentation. Her slightly shivering voice was very cute. Humbly listening to others’ comments, just like a 20-year-old university student, very down-to-earth. Source: 克克兔 @ baidu Translation by meow

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  1. koo hye sun is my belove idol....always do everything so u