May 19, 2012

[News] Actress Ku Hye Sun, “The 3D effect makes crying scenes even more attractive”

Ku Hye Sun who has transformed from an actress to a director
To be referred to as a director is not an unfamiliar term for actress Ku Hye Sun. Her short project ‘Cheerful Caretaker’ won several awards at international film festival, and after finishing her movie ‘Magic’ she’s now preparing for the release of ‘Peach Tree’. Her 3D short project ‘Fragment of Memories’ will be first shown in France to international buyers. According to Ku Hye Sun, “I liked fantasies. 3D technology helps widen the realm for imagination and expression,” which is what satisfied her. “However, it’s different from viewing huge projects like ‘Avatar’ where others pursued magnificent and large scaled scenes. I spent time figuring out how to best maximize the emotional and lyrical side of things. I tried to infuse more emotion to the scenes through the spatial and three-dimensional aspect so that others would be able to feel what is intended to be conveyed.” Since it’s her first time directing a 3D project, there was much to study. She approached director Lee Sa Gang (32 yr old, a v. pretty female director) and sought advice from her. Director Lee previously used 3D to film Rottyful Sky’s music video titled ‘No Way’. Ku Hye Sun revealed, “After finishing the movie, I didn’t want to show the movie simply through 2D.” She had the desire to show every cut using 3D. (….dunno what the last sentence means….) “I used to think there must be a lot of difficulties, but in principle, it is pretty much similar to making a 2D project. The saying that once you fall for it, it charms you completely is really true. Although it is time consuming, there’s always something I want to convey with every cut. It was hard for me because I can’t afford to do that.” (laugh) She emphasized that visual stimulation (e.g. where the characters appear to spring out at the audience) is not the only ability of 3D technology. 3D is also capable of providing emotional stimulation while she references to how 3D impacts the climax in ‘Fragments of Memories’ where the lead character wells up with emotion and cries. Source: mk News Translation credit: webby @ soompi

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