April 20, 2012


Goo Hye Sun and Jiro Wang, the stars of Absolute Boyfriend, a Korean-Taiwan tie-up based on the popular Japanese Manga ‘Zettai Kareshi’, came to Singapore for promotional activities. Apparently pretty-in-red Goo Hye Sun can eat a lot, as noted by Jiro Wang. Despite having slimed down quite a bit, Goo Hye Sun has a reputation for her voracious appetite. Jiro finds it admirable for a girl to be able to eat that much especially since ‘It’s a fortunate thing to be able to eat well’. Furthermore, Goo Hye Sun was in a foreign country and eating the delicious food in Taiwan helped her to get to know the place better.
Goo Hye Sun named smelly tofu, xiao long boa and bubble tea as memorable food she tried in Taiwan, and surprise! She really likes smelly tofu. So much so that she describes Jiro as ‘smelly tofu’. When asked the reason why (and no, it’s not that Jiro is smelly), she said ‘This is a difficult question… It seems fitting to describe someone I like with a food I like!’ Goo Hye Sun would be happy to have such a robot sent to her! And would run to him with enthusiasm and embrace him.
Jiro worked hard by doing research on how to act like a robot by watching an old movie and also restricting himself to certain food and working out in order to build up his enviable golden-ratio physique. He also gave up drinking high-calorie bubble tea, which he likes. When asked about their ideal types Jiro said ‘someone who can cook well’, as he grew up eating home-cooked food. In fact Jiro can cook pretty well since he picked up a few nifty tricks from his previous roles in dramas. Goo Hye Sun likes someone kind-hearted and polite and notes that personality more important than one’s external appearance.
So where there any embarrassing moments shared between the two? The first scene which premiered on 8th April was already very embarrassing to begin with. Jiro, who was acting as the (naked) robot, was covered in baby oil and had to fall upon Goo Hye Sun. Talk about awkward! Luckily Jiro learnt how to say ‘Mianhae’. What made it worse was that the pair had to do the scene a few times because the oil was too slippery. However Goo Hye Sun remarked that Jiro looked very professional so she didn’t know he was feeling awkward. The pair also had dinner together in a bid to grow closer.
Other than the press conference held in the afternoon, a special exclusive cruise ride out to the seas was organized for lucky fans to get up close and personal with the lead actors in Absolute Boyfriend. Beginning the the cruise ride with a short question and answer session on their thoughts of visiting Singapore as well as the process of recording, a short game session was also took place as Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun took a couple shot in demonstration for the contestants. However, The event came to an abrupt pause as the sea waves got stronger causing the ship to be extremely shaky. After taking a short break, the 2 artistes went on the upper deck and did a short interview session as they enjoyed the sea breeze. The event ended with the a short photo taking session. Absolute Boyfriend airs every sunday on Channel U at 9.30pm. Don’t miss it! At the same time we would like to thank Channel U for giving us the opportunity to attend Absolute Boyfriend’s Promotional Press Conference as well as Absolute Boyfriend’s Romantic Cruise event. Follow them on twitter (@channel_u) & follow us @mykplayground for the latest updates! MORE PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT HERE: (Please take out with credits to mykplayground. No re-editing, removing of watermark/resizing.)

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