April 14, 2012

[Video] 120409 蘋果娛樂新聞 – Absolute Boyfriend Casts Interview

Cre 11Amika
The video begins with the scene at high school meet & greet, in which the student confessed to Hyesun “I have a crush on you.” In response, Hye Sun said “I love you”
Then it’s the interview conducted earlier in the morning. Kiro said they were not used to it when they first started filming, since he speaks Mandarin while Hye Sun speaks Korean. They have to remember each others’ scripts. then PD asked if they can communicate now. Jiro said to HyeSun, “Pe Gu Pa” (means hungry).
Ku Hye Sun has peformed a skill in Korean variety show that she can associate a food with someone’s face. PD asked Hye Sun to describe Jiro & Penny. Hye Sun thought for awhile and described both of them as 臭豆腐 (stinky tofu). Jiro explained that it’s her favorite food.
Ku Hye Sun really loves food, she even named all her dogs with food names. Hye Sun said all her dogs name after food and started count everyone of them. She explained that she really loves food, and heard that using food as dog’s name could help the dogs live longer.
Ku Hye Sun is good at painting, and had held painting exhibition in Seoul. She was asked to draw a sketch of Jiro & Penny. Penny asked her not to draw stinky tofu. Penny was asked his role Zhong shi is claimed to be the sad version of Lee Da Ren (In Time With You). He said in reality he would have say out his love instead of hiding. then PD teased him about his scandal with Ivy Chen (heroin of Skip Beat). He clarifys that they are just good friend.
Hye Sun completed her sketch. She explains that it’s the expression of Jiro when he’s joking. there is a tear, and a drop of saliva at his mouth. PD asked why there’s saliva, Hye Sun said it’s because he’s too hungry. lol  Then Hye Sun talked about Penny’s sketch, saying that he has a mole on his face with standing hair. He gained some weight, but still has muscles and a tummy. lol
breif transation by meow

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