April 14, 2012

[Photo] Group photo of Absolute Boyfriend casts with a media member

Cre 司徒建銘 (an entertainment media reporter) 具惠善 汪東城 謝坤達 絕對達令我們一起同遊淡水 已經第四次見到具惠善了 她的親和力 我敢保證是目前史上來台韓星中 絕對最….沒架子的藝人呀 請韓國的朋友用力學習~~~ Translation: Ku Hye Sun, Jiro Wang, Penny Xie, Absolute Boyfreind tour around Danshui with us. This is the fourth time I met Ku Hye Sun. Her friendly/ kindness… I can guarantee she is the most down-to-earth celebrity from Korea who have visited Taiwan in history. Please learn from her, Korean friends~~~

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