April 20, 2012

Journey to meet Koo Hye Sun!

Absolute Boyfriend Supporter/Fans Within minutes, the crowd started pouring in. i was relieved that was able to get the right spot next to the stage.
Absolute Boyfriend Fan Meet Stage Sharp at 3.30pm, Koo Hye Sun ssi can be seen coming down the escalator. The silent atmosphere suddenly changed as fans began screaming.
Koo Hye Sun Escalator Arrival
Koo Hye Sun Arrival! The MC introduced both Koo Hye Sun ssi and Jiro Wang. Later asking them to pick 3 lucky females fans/ supporter up onto the stage. The MC then introduced the Hunks contestants. One guy came up and unbuttoned his shirt. Koo Hye Sun ssi was shock and she covered her face with the writing board that was given to her. Her reaction was so adorable.
Koo Hye Sun got a shocked of her life! When all of the contestant were up on the stage, the 3 lucky gals were asked to guess which contestant was chosen by Koo Hye Sun ssi and Jiro Wang as the hunk/ winner. I was expecting both Koo Hye Sun ssi and Jiro Wang to choose the same hunk. However, Koo Hye Sun ssi had chosen Hunk number 2 while Jiro Wang had choosen Hunk Number 3. Next, the autograph session begun. Not as jealous as i should have been since I was able to see Koo Hye Sun ssi in person and at close distance. Furthermore, she even waved to me twice and that really made my day. Once the autograph session ended and it was time for them to leave. Jiro Wang then taught Koo Hye Sun ssi to speak a little bit of malay. She said “Terima Kasih” and “Aku Cinta Padamu” in a very cute way. They then left the stage. One great journey for me. And I’m sure that it’s going to be a memorable one. Saranghae! Koo Hye Sun ssi!! PS: My favourite shot of the day!

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