April 29, 2012

[Video] 120426 Director Ku Hye Sun interview on 3D short film “Fragments of Memory”

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KHS: These days musical effect does not come out directly through stereo.(I did not know that: she is much more a technical person that I thought.)When I experienced music through 3D, the effectiveness was maxmized.
Real existence occupy space. Even a drop of tear has cubic (3D) effect.Unlike 2D, you feel like you can touch it in 3D and that if a hand is thrust out, you feel like you can grab it. If the viewer actually becomes the interactive participant of the speaker, the emotion will be even more well introduced. Those things amazed me.
Just as thin TV replaced the heavy TV in our homes all of a sudden, 3D tv is doing homework to become a regular everyday thing. Then we will be able to experience the singers on TV more live. I want to make a feature length movie or story for the children in 3D. But I also wonder if I can really do it…(a man laughing in the background.)
We have been playing with 3D images for a long time. When we were young, we would want to explore space and the world and we would use red and blue paper glasses. She was asked about how the 3D will affect the world. She says that it will wake up the dormant nerves and neurons and make us even more creative.
Then, KHS greets a goodbye message. She feels that there will be more and more 3D work coming out and she hopes to make it easy for the viewers to watch. She also made a short film Fragments of Memory in 3D and hopes that it will be well received.
Translation: cheerkoo @ soompi

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