April 20, 2012

120417 100% Entertainment – Absolute Boyfriend Casts Interview

brief summary:
The casts show their linguistic talents. First, Jiro says “hello” in 8 languages. Penny says he also had a line in French in the drama. He practiced that a lot of times, but when he speaks the line on the set, everyone was laughing. Lastly was Hyesun shows her Chinese skills. She said, “I am 27 years old. I am a university student. Da Dong (Jiro) & Kun Da (Penny) are her friends.”  Penny said ‘Zai Yi Ge’ (again) was the chinese phrase HyeSun says most frequently. It’s when someone got NG, director would say ‘Zai Yi Ge’, that’s how Hyesun learn the phrase. When asked who got most NGs, Hyesun said it’s Jiro. Jiro explained that since he sweats a lot, and robot shouldn’t sweat. Thus whenever he sweats, he would get NGs.
They have filmed the drama together for 4 months, thus they should have known each other well. The next challenge was something like ‘Pictionary / Draw Something’. They each take turn to draw for other 2 to guess.
After the drawing challenge, Hyesun revealed that she also had experience of failed confession. She said, “People has his own feeling, which can’t be manipulated. There’s time we fail,  we have to accept it. Thus I wouldn’t be very upset.” Jiro expressed his gratefulness to have challenged this role, in which he could show his improved acting skill. Penny said his role has to express more in-depth emotions. He has studied the script many times  and put a lot of effort in it.

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