April 29, 2012

[News] Author of ′Absolute Boyfriend′ Comic Applauds Gu Hye Sun′s Acting

CJ E&M enewsWorld Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee Yuu Watase, the original author of the comic book that inspired the Taiwan drama Absolute Boyfriend, has spoken very highly of Gu Hye Sun’s acting. After watching Absolute Boyfriend, which had premiered in Taiwan and Singapore, Yuu Watase wrote on her blog, “Gu Hye Sun is absolutely adorable in the drama. The ease with which she can change her expression is extremely charming.”

Yuu Watase created hit comic books such as Absolute Boyfriend and Illusion Games (translated title) in Japan. In 2008, Absolute Boyfriend inspired a Japanese drama by the same name and was well received by the local viewers. Absolute Boyfriend is a romantic comedy set in a fictitious world where broken hearted women custom order their ideal robot and end up falling in love with them. Gu Hye Sun stars as Xiao Fei, while Fahrenheit’s Wang Dong Cheng plays Nai Te, the custom-ordered robot. Recently, Gu Hye Sun attracted the attention of the public when she posted a picture of Wang Dong Cheng dressed up as a woman on her SNS. The picture was from the harmonious set of Absolute Boyfriend when Gu Hye Sun dressed up Nai Te as a woman in order to make back the cost of the robot. Absolute Boyfriend, which is attracting a lot of interest from drama fans all across Asia, will air on Taiwan’s FTV broadcast as well as Singapore’s U Channel every Sunday. Meanwhile, Gu Hye Sun will head to Taiwan and Singapore to face the media spotlight and carry out promotional activities for the drama. Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan Source: enewsworld

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