April 29, 2012

News] Ku Hye Sun – 28-year-old famous actress creating a stir by making a 3D film…

3D short film, “Fragments of Memory”, directed and will be shown at France’s Cannes.

To Ku Hye Sun, the title of “director” is not awkward. She received several awards for her short film Cheerful Caretaker. She also directed a feature film, Magic and is about to open a new feature movie, Peach Tree. She has also directed a short 3D film called Fragments of Memory which will be shown at the France’s Cannes Film Festival next month. 3D filming captivated Director Ku Hye Sun. Her involvement in making a 3D film comes late given that the amazing development of 3D filming craze has already swept the industry. However, albeit a latecomer, her excitement about 3D filming method is boundless and she feels she has experienced a new world. She felt the attractiveness of 3D filming and states that her interest and excitement for it is undescribable. She is even more interested and invested in future 3D productions. Later, she really hopes that she can make 3D stories that children can really enjoy. Normally Director Ku likes fantasy movies. Afer making a 3D film, she also became interested in the creative and expressive powers of other genres. “It is not the same kind of imagination that one experiences when seeing a mega box office movie like Avatar. Instead of eliciting through glamorous mega action scenes of grand scale, I struggled hard to magnify the senses and emotions in the movie. Depending on what thoughts and emotions that need to be introduced, I immersed in how to make the elicitation by using ?space and cubic effect?.” Since 3D work was new to her, she needed to study first. She sought advice from her friend Director Lee SaGang (32). Director Lee has already made 3D MV called “No Way” by Rottyful Sky. Dir Ku says, “As I was making the movie, I just did not like the 2D images.” She had the intense desire to turn each cut into 3D images. Not only the movie-viewer, but the movie-maker also falls into the attraction of 3D. ”I thought that I will have hard time getting used to the equipments. But once I got the basics, I found out that it was very similar to 2D work. They told me that once I fall for it, I will be spellbound and it was true. It took time but I felt the desire to show each cut of the film. It was hard to let go of that desire. I also felt the pressure to exceed expectation. However, I hope that mutual identification/sympathy will be transmitted. Dir Ku emphasized that 3D-method is not just about sudden pop-up visual stimulation. 3D method is just as effective in bringing out and stimulating the emotions such as the grandfather in Fragments of Memory who breaks into a sob. Dir Ku praises the Korea’s 3D mechanical achievement and how fast it is still developing. She says that the audience also expects to get the message more quickly and more clearly with 3D. She says the expectation is the same for the director. Dir Ku feels that 3D is appealing to the youth because of the visual stimulation. However, adults have some fear about that. But then realistically speaking, 3D is the reality of the world. What we see through our eyes is not the entire perspective. Dir Ku remembers that 3D has been close to our everyday lives from long ago. She remembers experiencing wearing the 3D glasses at playgrounds way before 3D film was developed. She also remembers having fun using red and blue cellopane paper to get the 3D effects in her youth. Ku feels that if 3D images are effectively mixed into the film, even the older adults will adapt to it more easily and will enjoy it. She anticipates that 3D contents will be on the rise and that it will be the natural order of things.
In the past, we had those huge TV’s at homes. Then, somehow, it became natural to have those thin TV’s at home. There is still homework to be done, but people like 3D TV too. Watching those singers on TV would feel even more alive and real. Same with the movies. Adults are adults but children really love 3D movies/images. She is thinking about making a movie either moderate- or full-length feature for the children. It will be harder than making a short film but I cannot help wanting to make it happen. (laughter) Not only 3D, but 4D contents are also increasing. She sees this development as very positive. 3D and 4D stimulate human sense of touch and sight and wake up our neurons. They are stimulating the neurons and making them work. It is not that it is comfortable but it is opening up the inactive/shut-in sensibilities and therefore waking up the creative parts of ourselves. By stimulating more of the brain, the effectiveness of its potential is limitless. She is talented in drawing, writing, and composing. Not only is she taking classes from SGGU’s Film Dept., but she is also taking other courses in different depts. She feels that they all help in directing. They may be from different fields, but they can become the foundation on which thoughts can be organized and further developed. This is the reason why this ambitious person seems multitalented. Ku Hye Sun excitedly states that one does not easily make 3D by learning a theory but by learning various things, directly trying a hand at filming and facing any obstacles head on. She talked about its own unique attraction and joy of 3D movie and 3D animation. The more 3D mechanism is developed soon we will all increasingly experience the positive qualities of it. (This para describes KHS’s CV as actress.) Her directorial CV. In May, she will showcase her 3D short film at Cannes. In June, she will open Peach Tree. Source: news.mk.co.kr Transaltion: cheerkoo @ soompi

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