April 06, 2012

[News] Director Kim Jong Hak highly favors the two main pairing for SBS ‘Faith’

For the upcoming SBS Wednesdays & Thursdays drama ‘Faith’ is set to air this August, and Director Kim Jong Hak showed his favor for the main pairing of Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho with his statement “chemistry sent from heaven.” Director Kim Jong Hak, who was able to see many different male-female pairings from his past works such as ‘The Legend,’ ‘Sandglass Time,’ ‘Eyes of Dawn,’ etc., stated, “It would be hard to create such pairing for the characters so close to perfection even if we deliberately make one.” Director Kim Jong Hak and scriptwriter Song Ji Na will collaborate for the upcoming drama ‘Faith.’ The genre is a fusion drama and will be about a love story between a warrior and a female doctor. Actress Kim Hee Sun will be playing plastic surgeon named Eun Soo while Lee Min Ho will be playing a warrior escort for the Goryeo Dynasty. Director Kim Jong Hak favored the harmony of Lee Min Ho’s manly strength and Kim Hee Sun’s feminine delicacy believing that the two would show a common intimacy while portraying the characters’ cuteness for the viewers as well. A representative of the production team stated, “We are looking forward to seeing Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho’s perfect chemistry within the drama.” The representative also stated that we should look forward to the comical combination between the blunt yet chic character of Lee Min Ho and the clumsy yet vivid character of Kim Hee Sun. The drama ‘Faith’ along with another upcoming drama ‘Ghost’ are both set to air this August and will have 24 episodes. Original Source: Nate News Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (leeminhoworld.com)

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