April 20, 2012

[News] Zaobao – Ku Hye Sun, the Absolute Lover

brief summary on the artcile: After meeting Ku Hye Sun, the reporter thinks Ku is the “Absolute Lover” in real life, since she has all criteria (sweet & petite, soft voice, always smile, friendly, etc.) that men love Ku’s ideal lover should be someone who is generous & polite. Since she has 7 dogs, she hope her boyfriend would love dogs too Is Jiro her ideal lover? Ku said, ” I like to spend more time together and observe each other slowly. Unfortunately there’s language barrier with Jiro, if we could communicate, may be I would have different view on him.” If there’s robot lover in real… Ku said she would ask him to wash dishes & clothes. ” I will also let him read lot of books and becomes my teacher. When I have problem or question, I could ask robot for answer immediately, haha.” Ku said she has watched the Japanese version of Absolute Boyfriend but didn’t go into details. She’s rather put more effort on the script and to figure out the character Most impressive scene is the first appearance of Night. Though it’s quite embarrassing, she focused on how to well portrait the role. Jiro said Ku has put a lot of ideas into the character, such as some little gestures or expressions Ku said there were many scenes of her singing on stage in “The Musical” . Since she has stage fright, she asked for director’s permission to drink some wine before filming to calm her nerves. “I drank wine before all the singing scenes in that drama, I think I have finished a whole bottle of raspberry wine!” Though she can drink, she has a busy schedule and drinking would create sleeping problem. Therefore she seldom drink now for the sake of health. Ku is multi-talented, and when asked which is her favorite. Ku said celebrity/artist nowadays needs to be multi-talented and each of the skills are corelated. She thinks she should know / learn every skill and there is no favorite one in particular. Ku has learnt Chinese when she’s a kid. If there is a chance, she would like to participate in Chinese drama/ movie production. “I thought I could learn more Chinese when filming this drama in Taiwan, but the schedule was really tight that I have no time to do so. I will continue to learn Chinese if possible.” Visiting Singapore for the first time, Ku was very happy that many fans welcome her here. But the schedule was very tight that she didn’t have time for sightseeing. She jokingly said if there is a robot lover made in Singapore, she would ask him to be the tourist guide, bringing her to places for fun & good food After several idol dramas, Ku expressed that she likes the theme/ content that is heart-warming, thus she would like to challenge a role that could make her feel warmth in heart * would skip the rest as that’s mainly on Jiro. Source: zaobao.com Translation : meow

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