April 14, 2012

[News] Lee Min Ho’s Short Movie ‘First Love’ Causes Server Crash

Lee Min Ho’s short movie for makeup brand, Innisfree, is proving to be too popular to handle. On April 9, Innisfree, ahead of the launch of its brand in China at the end of April, released a short, user-interactive movie First Love via the movie’s official homepage where the popularity initially proved too much for the site’s servers to handle and causing it to crash. A member of Innisfree said, “Though we increased our server capacity, it seems at the same time there were many fans who accessed the site multiple times leading to [the crash].” The storyline for First Love revolves around Lee Min Ho longing after his first love. As part of the brand’s marketing, visitors to the homepage can upload their name and picture and the picture will appear in various scenes during the movie as Lee’s first love. Visitors are also given the option of choosing the movie’s ending.

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