April 20, 2012

[News] Ku Hye Sun & Jiro Wang – Absolute Boyfriend Interview in Singapore

Ku Hye Sun & Jiro Wang arrived in Singapore for promotion of Absolute Boyfriend. They have filmed a drama together, but may be because of laguange barrier, both of them did not interact much on press conference. Ku Hye Sun always answer the questions by agreeing on Jiro’s one. When asked how to communicate with Ku Hye Sun, Jiro said that he, Penny Xie & Jack Na especially attended a class to learn how to communicate with body language & eye contact. Though communication at the beginning might not be very good at the beginning, Jiro paid more attention to Ku’s body language & eye contact when acting. Ku Hye Sun also said that their communication improved as filming progress. It also matched the storyline as they didn’t know each other at the beginning of the drama. The petite Ku Hye Sun actually loves food. Jiro said he likes girl who can eat. He praised Ku Hye Sun was great since she loves to eat all kinds of Taiwanese food. Ku Hye Sun said smelly tofu, bubble tea & xiao lung bao are her favorite Taiwanese food. During promotion in Taiwan, Ku Hye Sun said that Jiro & Penny make her thinkof smelly tofu. Jiro was curious about the reason. Ku Hye Sun explained that smelly tofu is her favorite, thus she wants to describe them with a food that she likes. Jiro was satisfied with her answer. Ku Hye Sun was asked what is hardest for her during the filming in Taiwan. She said, “The culture in Taiwan & Korea are quite close., and actors, crew & director treated her well, so there was not much difficulties. The only thing is the weather was too hot.” Abslolute Boyfriend was not the first cooperation between Ku Hye Su & Jiro. They have worked together for Taiwan tourism promotion video. Jiro said he was happy at that time, since he is a fan of Jandi in BOF. He thinks Ku Hye Sun is a quiet girl, the he added, “But she’s energetic & lively on screen. I think she’s great. She is also multi-talented, she is directing and also painting. As I studied in art, I think her drawings are good.” Ku Hye Sun said that when they first met 2 years ago, she thought Jiro was an energetic & out-going person. After they filmed drama together, she found Jiro is a serious & professional actor. They have also shared their creteria for ideal lover. Jiro said he hopes she can cook well. Since he always eats at home which her mother cook. Thus he wants she could cook for him. Ku Hye Sun said she likes polite & kind person. She pays more attention to his inner beauty & personality instead of outlook. *above is just a brief summary on the news, sorry for all the poor grammar & literal translation

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