April 29, 2012

[News] Jiro Wang offers 20% off to sell himself to Ku Hye Sun

If Jiro was a real robot lover, he is willing to offer a discount to sell himself to Ku Hye Sun. He even offers her free trial, but Ku rejects that! (Skipped the part on drama recap & the most impressive scene which was covered in previous interviews) If robot lover exists in real world, would they consider buying one? Jiro said, “everyone should want to try, right?” who knows, Ku Hye Sun disagreed, “I will not buy one. It’s better to have a real boyfriend.” Jiro responded, “What if the robot lover was just like me? I can offer you a 20%off, plus free trial!” Facing Jiro’s persuasion, KU Hye Sun feels a bit uneasy but she rejected at last. “I have lots of appliances at home already! And if I have a real boyfriend, he would help me for free, I don’t even have to spend a penny.” Though they have disagreement about robot lover, Jiro & Ku Hye Sun were in good chemistry during the interview. Jiro would make jokes sometimes, while Ku would shyly pat on Jiro’s arm. When they were asked what kind of painting they would give to each other, both of them answered floral painting. Ku looked at Jiro and thought for a while. She said, “I will draw a red rose for him, I think it’s suitable for him.” Jiro was happy about Ku’s answer, and said, “Do you know Red rose represents love? Then, I will draw you a bunch of roses in Purple, wishing you extreme popularity!” Source: zbcomma.sg Translation: meow / loveghs.wordpress.com

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