April 06, 2012

[Photo] Countdown to Absolute Boyfriend

It’s destiny? I don’t want to be a person who haven’t tried the taste of love, then getting old alone, wandering in park alone, and eventually die at home alone… ———————— Countdown 6 days
Make friends with me! NO~ Please be my boyfriend! NO~ NO~ I like you, please be with me! NO~ NO~ NO~ Why am I the one always get rejected?
Krono’s Heaven Darling Store The aim is to provide a perfect lover for you According to your personal preference Tailor made a boyfriend that match your ideal perfectly —————————- Countdown 5 days
Though you always beat me, though we always have a fight, though to you I am just a nerd who knows computer programming, though you think my harshness is specific to you, though you say you rather die than being with me But that’s what I LIKE GAZING AT YOU like this…. Since Kindergarten UNTIL NOW
Quality Service of Online Store Delivery to your home in 6 hours Advanced procedure with signature approval Nice packaging and perfectly sealed Quality service guaranteed 2 days free trial period —————— Countdown 4 days
Customer please kiss this robot to initiate it and start formatting After formating this robot will see the one who kissed it as the only love in the world —————————- Countdown 3 days
Nice to meet you! Dear~ I am the perfect boyfriend tailor made for you Cre 絕對達令FB Eng translation by meow @ loveghs.wordpress.com … to be continued

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